Instructions for authors

Abstracts can be submitted in English or Russian. The file name must contain the name and initials of the author in English. For example, IvanovSP.doc (if the author submits 2 reports, the file name of the second report - IvanovSP2.doc). Abstracts size is one А4 (210 x 297 mm) page. File format - *. doc (MS Word). Font – 12 pt, Times New Roman, all margins – 20 mm. First line indent – 0,75 cm. Interval - line spacing, factor 1,2. Hyphenation is not allowed. Print the title in bold capital letters, centered. The next line shows the surname and name of the author. If there are several authors, they are separated by commas and optionally numbered superscripts (1), (2), etc. Name of speaker is necessary to underline. The next line in italics indicates the affiliation, city and country. The next line contains e-mail of the spokesperson. Then, after one blank line the main text is typed with Times New Roman font and the width alignment. Figures should be carefully presented in any format, imported by Microsoft Word, their size should not exceed the size of the text field. All figures must be enumerated. WARNING! Formulae should be typed using the built-in Equation Editor. Using other formula editors such as MathType, is not welcomed. Character sizes in the standard formulae: normal - 12 pt, large index - 7 pt, small index - 5 pt, large symbol - 18 pt, small symbol - 12 pt.

More detailed requirements for abstracts (figures, tables, formulas, literature) and the template presented on the Conference website. Submission of abstracts should be implemented only in the on-line mode on the Conference website at registration.


Template of abstract